Experienced Forex Trader
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Welcome to the Forexlancer (Forex Trading Complete Course) Institute. I want to help you understand Forex.

My name is Abdul Rehman Rauf and I am the lead trader behind this Forexlancer taining institute. Before I became a full time home trader I worked for world top brokers. After years of early mornings and late nights I finally decided enough was enough and I needed the freedom that trading from home could bring. I quit my job and with the knowledge I gained started to develop a trading strategy that I could reliably and successfully use without needing all the economic and technical analytics that institutional traders use. Since then, I have been trading with this method and have formalized the system into a workable and easy to follow trading strategy. It is this trading system that I want to teach you, so that you too can learn how I trade currencies, commodities and hopefully enjoy the benefits that trading from home brings.