FOREXLANCER was established in 2005 by Abdul Rehman Rauf from Pakistan. As you know that the Forex Market is a worldwide market for the trading of currencies and commodities. It regulates the relative values of different currencies. It involves a trading between the different range of buyers and sellers around the forex market. Forex market involves mainly traders of larger international banks. It functions on different stages and works through financial institutions. There are dealers from the banking sector and insurance sector who are actively involved in a large number of forex trading. In order to enhance the knowledge while trading, it’s important to learn Forex Courses and there are various Forex Trading Training Institutes that offers Our forex course details, course outline and Fee Structure are mentioned below.

Forex Lancer is offering the following services

1.    Forex Trading Free Course

2.   Forex Trading Paid Course

3.   Forex Signal Services

4.   Account Management (Coming Soon)

5.   Deposit and Withdrawal

These courses offer a full education and training experience focusing on trading fundamentals, technical analysis, and risk management of execution for any trading instrument. We offer you the ideal Forex Course in order to provide all the techniques and methods of Forex Trading. They focus on the training of share market courses. Forexlancer Institute will fulfill your requirements by providing forex course.

Our courses are geared toward single traders who want to learn forex course and learn professional trading techniques as the professional traders in the forex market. These courses provide a complete training experience focusing on trading methods for virtually any trading instrument. Our team of professional instructors will teach you trading technique and advanced methods like no one else. If you are interested and want to learn forex trading enrolls with Forexlancer now. The Forexlancer is going to provide you with huge benefits in the journey of your trading venture.


Forex Trading Free Course:-

Friends, there are many people around the world who want to learn forex trading. But not being able to pay the course fee, many have to bury their hobby in their heart. (I have come across many people who have a passion for forex trading but they have to stop short as they are unable to pay the course fees). I have designed a free forex course to guide these friends. I wanted to let these friends know about forex so that they can trade easily. This course provides enough information as that is required to make a trade. Friends, one thing to keep in mind is that the free course designed for you is only 5% of forex trading information. While you may think that you have learned 100% forex trading. Still, the information in the free course is only 5%. It only provides a comprehensive view. It is because Forex is a wide-scale, huge business that is changing its strategies on a daily basis. To fully understand it, you must take the full premium course. I have designed the free and paid course to guide my new friends in simple words with my 17 years of experience.

The details of the paid course are given below.

Forex Trading Free Course Outline:-

>>     Foreign Exchange Market Introduction

>>     Currency Exchange Methodology

>>     Buy and Sell Reason

>>     Buy, Sell Candle Introduction

>>     How does Forex Market Work?

>>     You need to link Local Bank, Online Bank, Best Broker with Forex Market.

>>     About Forex Software MT4

>>     How to Install MT4 from Play store?

>>     How to make DEMO Account for trading?

>>     How to use MT4 tools through Mobile Phone?

>>     How to use the Buy Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Stop, Sell Limit through your Mobile Phone?

>>     Complete Practical trading with Advance Level.

>>     How to open Real Account in Brokers

>>     How to Deposit Funds through Local Bank to in your Broker Account?

>>     How to Verity your Broker Account?

>>     How to withdrawal from your Broker real account?

Forex Trading Paid Course:-

Dear Friends, Forex has always been a source of income for people around the world. Forex Trading Paid Course has specifically been designed for those who want to pursue a forex career. It is made for those friends who want to make forex their job forever and who want to make forex their future.(or who see their future in forex.) While delivering the lectures, I have kept in mind people for whom forex is the only and permanent means of employment. Friends, Forex Trading Course consist of 16 videos in total. One video is approximately equal to two hours and there are approximately 10 to 12 topics in each video. The point is to say that Forex Trading complete paid course has all the information required from the beginner level basics right upto the advanced. It is suggested that the beginners practice a demo account while going through the first seven lectures. All the rest are suggested to be put in practice with an original account. 

You also get the following options with a paid course. 



Lecture # 1

1.    My Introduction

2.    Look About Yourself

3.    Stock, Equities & Future Market Introduction (Old Time Trading).

4.    Forex Market Introduction ( Modern & Current Time Trading)

5.    Difference between Forex Market with others Market

6.    How does Forex Market Work?

7.    The Cause of Increasing & Decreasing Rate of Currencies & Commodities in Forex Market?

8.    Currency Exchange Methodology in Forex Market.

9.    Important Tricks for Success Trading.

10.    You Need Following Sources for Deposit; Withdrawal & Making Trade in International Forex Market.


Lecture # 2

1.    How to download Forex Trading Platform

2.    Make New Demo Account for Practice

3.    How to use Forex Platform in your Laptop

4.    Forex Platform downloads from Play store for Android Mobile.

5.    How to use Forex Platform in your Android Mobile.


Lecture # 3

1.    Buy & Sell Concept

2.    Major Currency Pairs in Forex Market.

3.    Percentage of Major pairs in the world

4.    Difference between currencies pairs

5.    Difference Between Base & Quote Currency

6.    Bid & Ask Concept

7.    Spread (Broker Commission)

8.    Pips & Spread Introduction / Calculations

9.    Spread Introduction


Lecture # 4

1.    Leverage

2.    Free Margin

3.    Balance

4.    Equity

5.    How to use the lot size during execute the trade.

4.   Pips Calculation tricks

5.   High and Normal Movement of Market in Per day

6.   Secure Trade tricks


Lecture # 5

1.   Chart Introduction & types.

2.   Candlesticks Introduction

3.   Difference between Line, Bars & Candlesticks

4.   Candlesticks Basic Symbols & their Activities

5.   Difference between Buy & Sell Candlesticks.

6.   Total Types of Candlesticks.

7.   Candlesticks Pattern

8.   Single Candle Pattern and Bullish & Bearish Comparison

9.   Double Candle Pattern and Bullish & Bearish Comparison

10.   Three Candle Pattern and Bullish & Bearish Comparison


Lecture # 6-A (How to use the following option in Laptop)

1.   How to make Buy & Sell Trade

2.   Concept of Stop Loss (SL) and Take profit (TP)

3.   How to Modify the Trade

4.   What is Pending Orders?

5.   Buy Limit Pending Orders

6.   Buy Stop Pending Orders

7.   Sell Limit Pending Orders

8.   Sell Stop Pending Orders

9.   Pending Order Modifications


Lecture # 6-B (How to use the following option in mobile phone)

1.   How to make Buy & Sell Trade

2.   Concept of Stop Loss (SL) and Take profit (TP)

3.   How to Modify the Trade

4.   What is Pending Orders?

5.   Buy Limit Pending Orders

6.   Buy Stop Pending Orders

7.   Sell Limit Pending Orders

8.   Sell Stop Pending Orders

9.   Pending Order Modifications


Lecture # 7

1.   Relative Strength Index (RSI)

2.   Parabolic SAR

3.   MACD

4.   Bollinger Bands

5.   Moving Average


Lecture # 8

1.   Introduction of Support & Resistance

2.   Strong Support

3.   Weak Support

4.   Strong Resistance

5.   Weak Resistance


Lecture # 9

1.   Technical News

2.   Fundamental News

3.   Forex Factory (Introduction)

4.   Types of data in Forex Factory

5.   How to read Previous, Current and forecast values.


Lecture # 10

1.   Best Source where you can get the Strong and Weak Resistance and Support Level

2.   BARCHART  (introduction)

3.   Resistance and Support Level


Lecture # 11

1.   Fundamental News & Analysis

2.   Technical News & Analysis

3.   Resistance and Support Level

4.   World top News, Analysis & Data Websites

5.   Forex Factory (Analysis)

6.   DailyFX (News & Analysis)

7.   Lite foerx ( News & Analysis)

8. (News & Analysis)

9.   Bloomberg (News)

10.   FXEmpire (News & Analysis)


Lecture # 12 to 15

1.   Strategies

2.   Practical Strategies

3.   Different Scalping

4.   Trade Hedging

5.   Price Action

6.   Intraday Trading

7.   Swing Trading

8.   Long term trading techniques

9.   Short term trading techniques

10.   Robot Trading

11.   How to make analysis on currencies and commodities?

12.   Risk Management

13.   Money Management

14.   How to manage your trading psychology

15.   How to Read Chart?

16.   How to Make Chart or Analysis for your future Trade?

17.   Different Types of winning strategies

18.   Combine Live Webinars on Zoom software

19.   Whatsapp Group Facilities for Cross Questioning


Forex Trading Signals Services:-

Friends, Forex Trading Signals Services are not a part of the forex free or paid course. Its charges are charged on a monthly basis. Many other services in Signals Services will be provided to you. It is indispensable for making successful trades in today’s fast pace market.  

1.   The Signals of five major currencies and commodities will be provided on daily basis.

2.   World Top Analyst analysis for currencies, commodities and crypto currencies will be provided.

3.   The discussion of World Top analysts related Forex market will be shared day by day.

4.   The ideas of Word top analysts about forex will be communicated with all of you.

5.   All of you will be updated about Forex news, their forecast as well as actual data.

6.   The information related to live currency conversion rate of almost all the countries will be provided to you all.


Deposit and Withdrawal facilities

Forexlancer is offering facilities for deposit and withdrawal funds. Friends, the first thing you should do is try depositing money in the Instaforex account through However, you shouldn’t worry if a friend is having problems depositing because his SKRILL account is not verified. So you can deposit funds through

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