Friends, there are many people around the world who want to learn forex trading. But not being able to pay the course fee, many have to bury their hobby in their heart. (I have come across many people who have a passion for forex trading but they have to stop short as they are unable to pay the course fees). I have designed a free forex course to guide these friends. I wanted to let these friends know about forex so that they can trade easily. This course provides enough information as that is required to make a trade. Friends, one thing to keep in mind is that the free course designed for you is only 5% of forex trading information. While you may think that you have learned 100% forex trading. Still, the information in the free course is only 5%. It only provides a comprehensive view. It is because Forex is a wide-scale, huge business that is changing its strategies on a daily basis. To fully understand it, you must take the full premium course. I have designed the free and paid course to guide my new friends in simple words with my 17 years of experience.
The details of the paid course are given below.

Forex Trading Free Course


  1. Foreign Exchange Market Introduction
  2. Currency Exchange Methodology
  3. Buy and Sell Reason
  4. Buy, Sell Candle Introduction
  5. How does Forex Market Work?
  6. You need to link Local Bank, Online Bank, Best Broker with Forex Market.
  7. About Forex Software MT4
  8. How to Install MT4 from Play store?
  9. How to make DEMO Account for trading?
  10. How to use MT4 tools through Mobile Phone?
  11. How to use the Buy Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Stop, Sell Limit through your Mobile Phone?
  1. Complete Practical trading with Advance Level.
  2. How to open Real Account in Brokers
  3. How to Deposit Funds through Local Bank to in your Broker Account?
  4. How to Verity your Broker Account?
  5. How to withdrawal from your Broker real account?