Course Outline

Lecture # 1

  1. My Introduction
  2. Look About Yourself
  3. Stock, Equities & Future Market Introduction (Old Time Trading).
  4. Forex Market Introduction ( Modern & Current Time Trading)
  5. Difference between Forex Market with others Market
  6. How does Forex Market Work?
  7. The Cause of Increasing & Decreasing Rate of Currencies & Commodities in Forex Market?
  8. Currency Exchange Methodology in Forex Market.
  9. Important Tricks for Success Trading.
  10. You Need Following Sources for Deposit; Withdrawal & Making Trade in International Forex Market.

Course Outline

Lecture # 2

  1. How to download Forex Trading Platform
  2. Make New Demo Account for Practice
  3. How to use Forex Platform in your Laptop
  4. Forex Platform download from Play store for Android Mobile.
  5. How to use Forex Platform in your Android Mobile.

Course Outline

Lecture # 3

  1. Buy & Sell Concept
  2. Major Currency Pairs in Forex Market.
  3. Percentage of Major pairs in the world
  4. Difference between Pairs
  5. Bid & Ask Concept
  6. Spread (Broker Commission)
  7. Pips & Spread Introduction / Calculations
  8. Spread Introduction

Course Outline

Lecture # 4

  1. Leverage
  2. Free Margin
  3. Balance
  4. Equity
  5. Minimum or Maximum Volume you can use in per trade.
  6. Pips Calculation tricks
  7. High and Normal Movement of Market in Per day
  8. Secure Trade tricks

Course Outline

Lecture # 5

  1. Chart Introduction & types.
  2. Candlesticks Introduction
  3. Difference between Line, Bars & Candlesticks
  4. Candlesticks Basic Symbols & their Activities
  5. Difference between Buy & Sell Candlesticks.
  6. Total Types of Candlesticks.
  7. Candlesticks Pattern
  8. Single Candle Pattern and Bullish & Bearish Comparison
  9. Double Candle Pattern and Bullish & Bearish Comparison
  10. Three Candle Pattern and Bullish & Bearish Comparison

Course Outline

Lecture # 6

  1. How to make Buy & Sell Trade
  2. Stop Loss (SL) and Take profit (TP)
  3. Trade modification
  4. What is Pending Order?
  5. Buy Limit Pending Orders
  6. Buy Stop Pending Orders
  7. Sell Limit Pending Orders
  8. Sell Stop Pending Orders
  9. Pending Order Modifications

Course Outline

Lecture # 7

  1. Introduction of Indicators
  2. How to use Indicators and set their parameters
  3. What are Important Indicators in Forex trading?
  4. Practical live test of important Indicators to in your Real Chart


Real Account Complete Procedure and Payment system

  1. How to Open Forex Real Account
  2. How to verify your account
  3. How to Deposit money from your debit card to in your broker account
  4. How to withdraw amount from your broker account to in your bank
  5. How to link your bank Account to in your Online Payment Processor

Course Outline

Lecture # 8

  1. Support & Resistance


Lecture # 9-16

  1. Forex Data
  2. News
  3. Analysis
  4. Technical Analysis
  5. Technical News
  6. Fundamental Analysis
  7. Fundamental News
  8. The Big Source where you can get DATA, NEWS, Analysis etc.
  9. Resistance and Support Levels
  10. Scalping
  11. Strategies
  12. ABCD Pattern
  13. Harmonic Pattern
  14. Head and Shoulders pattern
  15. Trends
  16. Live Webinars


  1. Whatsapp Group Communication (During Course or trading)
  2. Personal Communication with admin
  3. Zoom software communication (During Course we will share our laptop screen with you for better learning)
  4. Personal Phone call communication
  5. Live webinars (world wide)
  6. Dollars facilities in Skrill as per requirement


I have design the course in 16 videos. Signal Service is not available in this course. Basically Signals service is not a part of Forex Course. If you want to get facilities then you will do update or new registration of your account for Signal services. And their charges will be charge again.